Ankalipuram has attracted devotees for many years for many holy spots around it. Anaklipuram is known to bring happiness and give mental peace to anyone who comes to this place. There are many incidents narrated by devotees who visit this place and how their life has turned for better and has become peaceful. There are devotees who had good health recovery after visiting this temple. Ankalipuram is also famous in solving married couple problem who don't have children. One feels peace of mind when they come to this place. It is belived that, anyone who comes to Ankalipuram, something good happens in their life.

There was small temple which was built by help of devotees, in 2009 Deepak Kumar Tala visited this place and felt immense power of Goddess Kali and had vision of how great this place will become in years to come. He was guided by divinity to build temple in year 2011, and thus started the journey of building one of the greatest Sakthi Peetam. Temple was completed in Nov 2016.