About Ankalipuram

Ankalipuram has attracted devotees for many years for many holy spots around it. Anaklipuram is known to bring happiness and give mental peace to anyone who comes to this place. There are many incidents narrated by devotees who visit this place and how their life has turned for better and has become peaceful. There are devotees who had good health recovery after visiting this temple. Ankalipuram is also famous in solving married couple problem who don't have children. One feels peace of mind when they come to this place. It is belived that, anyone who comes to Ankalipuram, something good happens in their life.

Sri Sri Sri Gurappa Swamy Ankali Parameswari Devayalya Development Trust is focused on developing temple, Due charity by building hospitals, schools, orphanage, old age home for service of common man.

Name Designation Contact
Deepak Kumar Tala President
Dhana Lakshmi Thalla Secretary
Durga Lakshmi Tala Treasurer
Haridoss Govindhaswamy Trustee
Kavitha Trustee